1 . Choose a date and time

If you're wanting to book a studio or in home session the time of day can vary! The best lighting is natural lighting, so you can book a time of day when the light hits your home just right. An easy way to tell is to look at the palm of your hand in the light. If it looks evenly lit, not too bright and not a lot of shadows, you've got some good lighting! I also bring my own soft lighting to indoor sessions to help us achieve that perfect soft light.

If you're wanting to book an outdoor session these must be booked at golden hour! This is the hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise, meaning there are two golden hours each day! This time changes with the seasons, so I'll make sure to let you know when this is when you reach out to me to book!

2 . Choose your outfits

When choosing what to wear for a family photo session, it's important to coordinate but not match too much. Avoid busy patterns or logos, and opt for solid colors or subtle patterns. It's also a good idea to dress for the location and season - for example, if it's a beach session, light and flowy fabrics would work well. Don't forget to accessorize and have fun with your outfits, but remember that the focus should be on your family and not your clothing.

3 . Choose your location

Newfields Art Museum, Indianapolis

Art Museum

In the background of this photo, you can see the Lilly House at the Newfields Art Museum. This location is beautiful any time of the year, but I especially love it for fall!

Bottleworks District, Indianapolis


Downtown Indianapolis is filled with brick-lined streets, unique architecture, and diverse life. An urban feel can be great any time of year!

Miller Beach, Gary

The Beach

Though you normally don't think beach when you think Indiana, we have plenty of beautiful ones, ranging from 40 minutes to 3 hours outside of Indianapolis.

Washington Park, Avon

Local Park

The creek and bridge at this park always prove to be a stunning and fun backdrop. I always enjoy a good creek stomp in the warmer months, especially with little ones!

Your Home

Your home can provide the perfect backdrop to capturing memories with your family. In this particular shoot, we were able to photograph this little one inside of her nursery, leaving her parents with a memory they'll never have to forget.

Indoor Studio

Sometimes simple is best! With my portable studio backdrops and lighting, we can create simple memories inside of any space.

Picnic Blanket

For this romantic feel, all you need is a cute blanket and some sunshine! Your location doesn't have to be fancy to feel fancy.

Somewhere Special

Have a special location in mind? Mention this when booking, and I'll be happy to travel within the Indianapolis area!

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